Dr. Alin Alkass is a positive role model in dentistry

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Visiting the dentist is the proverbial last thing anyone wants to do, but Dr. Alin Alkass is one dentist working to change this perception. A native of Chicago, he received his dental degree at the New York University College of Dentistry in 2005 and returned to Chicago to practice in his home town. He has stayed on the cutting edge of the latest dental techniques through his postgraduate training and is skilled at digital technology. Today, he performs periodontal maintenance, crowns, bridges, fillings, porcelain veneers, tooth nerve therapy and more.

Tooth extraction, dentures and whitening are also services he provides. He is also planning to include tooth implants and metal-free braces. Dr. Alkass is trained as a children’s dentist, which is a great advantage for families. Being adept with children can make a difference in the way they view dentists throughout their lives.

Dr. Alkass performs these dental procedures with the utmost care. He is very particular that each patient is relaxed and understands the process. He listens to the fears and concerns of patients and does his best to remove the fear and answer the concerns. He organizes his day to make sure each patient is given the time needed for the required procedure without tension or rush.

Dr. Alin Alkass achieved an excellent dental degree and has continued to work to keep up with the latest technology and other concerns in dentistry. He considers himself a constant student in the field and stays in regular touch with the local, state and national dental associations. Armed with the latest knowledge, he is dedicated to giving his patients a comfortable and happy experience while they get the best dental care.

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